Monday, February 6, 2012

2012 China LED industry analysis and research

2012, the LED industry, global market demand slowdown, the government subsidy policy is still not clear. Under multiple pressures, the Chinese LED industry is bound to enter a new phase of industry structure rationalization and competitive paradigm shift.

In 2011, the MOCVD total to 720, 2012 MOCVD installed capacity is expected to maintain a level of about 300. 2011, domestic enterprises chip revenue growth of 30 percent, reaching 6.5 billion yuan, but far less than 106% growth rate of MOCVD equipment, which also reflects domestic chip production capacity can not give full play to the 2012 epitaxial silicon price pressure will continue .

GaN chip production to grow up to 12000kk / month, but capacity utilization is less than 50%, the annual output of only 71 billion, but the localization rate of 70% or more. The same time, domestic chip has a small chip integration in lighting applications a breakthrough; 20% market share in high-power lighting chip is still low, but with the R & D innovation and product quality improvement, the overall trend is the chip share slightly improved, foreign chip prices are expected to exceed 6000RMB / K.

The overall size of China's LED packaging industry reached 28.5 billion RMB, an increase of 14 percent, compared with 25 billion RMB in 2010, production from 2010's 133.5 billion to 182 billion, an increase of 36%. 2012, the domestic packaging production will still be to maintain a growth of more than 30%, but profit margins squeezed by cost and demand of the upstream and downstream, resulting in overall output growth will not exceed 20%.

2012 LED applications will maintain a rapid growth, China LED Gadgets, landscape, backlight is still the Troika-led growth, and LED lighting applications, the hot spot further from the outdoor lighting to indoor international market demand and national policy guidance will be the deciding LED lighting growth rate the key elements. LED lighting applications, the competitive landscape, there are many variables, capital, scale, technology, brand and market channels advantages of enterprises have become the main body of industry consolidation.

In 2011, the overall scale of LED applications in China reached 121 billion RMB, the overall growth rate of 34%, which is the semiconductor lighting industry chain of the fastest growing link. Among them, the growth of lighting applications, the overall share has accounted for 25% of the entire application become the largest market share applications, China LED Flashlight , backlight applications also maintained a rapid growth.

According to research statistics, the 37 pilot cities have implemented a demonstration project of more than 2000 applications, LED lamps more than 4.2 million. Many cities are increasing the LED street lights (including the tunnel lights) to replace the installed capacity, coupled with the country each year two million new installation, outdoor lighting companies to provide a broader market space, and expansion opportunities.

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